Picking our own dahlias
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Delightful Dahlias

The other week, I came across a wee place which is totally new to me and I never even knew it was right on my doorstep! It is a beautiful wee farm shop called Finlay’s Place, situated on the outskirts of Comber, not too far from the city of Belfast. I never knew this until a few weeks ago, but they allow you to pick your own fruit and flowers (depending what they have in season). So this time, it was delightful Dahlias, strawberries and Eucalyptus! It was absolutely AMAZING!

Finlay’s Place is a family run business established in 2011* selling fresh local produce including potatoes, eggs and vegetables. However they also offer homegrown strawberries, raspberries, new potatoes and local seasonal vegetables in a rustic setting and welcoming atmosphere. Throughout the year they allow visitors to Pick Your Own fruit and flowers, which is exactly what we went for! We went to pick delightful Dahlias and we were not disappointed!!!

So on a sunny Saturday we got up, and decided to go to Finlay’s Place to pick our own Dahlias – I knew I wanted some good Insta pics as well as some gorgeous flowers to brighten our front room! So of we trekked and to our surprise we were the only ones in the farmshop – we had it to ourself, which was amazing! The staff were so friendly and showed us where the Dahlias and Eucalyptus fields were as well as where we could pick our own strawberries! We were given a set of gardening pruners and made our way to the field which was just across a tiny wee road! It was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it if you want to pick your own flowers for a special occasion or to simply brighten up your room! We purely went to pick Dahlias this time, nothing else! We spent an hour choosing exactly which colour and type of Dahlia we wanted- there was soooo many different types and fancy colours! They were all so beautiful! So each Dhalia stem costs 45p and that is actually a really good price for when you’re getting to choose exactly what Dahlias you want!

It was an amazing experience and is such a fun family day out. I love flowers, as you know so it was a super day out for me hehehe! Check out Finlay’s Place on Facebook or a take a trip there yourself! Also, feel free to take a look on my Instagram to see my highlights from our delightful Dahlia picking – it’ll make you want to go so bad!

My beautiful bouquet of Dahlias!
My beautiful bouquet of Dahlias!

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