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Surviving a Long Haul Flight – my survival guide!

Long haul flights are so exciting because it usually means you’re going somewhere amazing! Eeeek! But those long flights can also take a toll on your body. I was a bit apprehensive when I took my first long-haul flight, however, now I don’t even think about it twice, thanks to these tips which I have learnt! For anyone feeling intimidated by a 8+ hour flight, there are a few tricks-of-the-trade that will get you through your flight and feeling like a champion. If you fancy jetting away somewhere, look no more than Skyscanner – the cheapest place to compare flight prices, I always use Skyscanner now to find the cheapest deal. Click here to browse cheap flights. So read below for my survival tips for surviving a long haul flight!

Emirates plane!
Boarding plane
Before we boarded!

Pack Smart for Long-Haul Flights

Packing smart is key when you’re traveling. Plan exactly what you will need during your flight, ahead of time. Depending on your type of travel, you may or may not need a piece of carry-on luggage for your clothes, but you’ll almost always need a personal bag.

Aside from carry-on luggage, I always recommend bringing some type of “personal bag” for items that you can access easily and either store by your feet or in the overhead bin during your flight.

  •  I recommend bringing a tote that can also function as a day bag on your trip.

Helpful Tip – A good personal bag for travel should have plenty of space, zipper closures, and pockets & compartments for organisation.

What to Wear

A comfy dress isa must on a long flight!

Just because you have a long flight ahead of you doesn’t mean you can’t be cute AND comfortable at the same time. I suggest stretchy or loose-fitting bottoms, such as leggings, a comfy top and a cozy over-sized sweater or cardigan that can also act as a blanket. If I know I’m going somewhere hot, then I wear a stretchy dress which is my go to travelling outfit!

Slip-on shoes are good for the security line and getting comfortable on your flight – I always wear flip flops!


While it is important to keep those liquids handy for staying moisturised, it is also important to make sure you pack them correctly. Make sure they are under 100ml and in a clear plastic bag.

Helpful Tip – Throwing away a brand new bottle of expensive face cream is never fun, so don’t forget to use those travel-sized containers.


It is SO important to stay hydrated when you’re thousands of miles up in the sky! Airplanes dehydrate your whole body quickly and will not only make you feel bad but also dry out your skin and eyes.

I always bring a good hand cream, a tinted face moisturiser that can also act as a concealer (because face it guys – your makeup doesn’t stay on well when you’re high in the sky – I’ve been there and tried it), and lip balm.

Helpful  Tip: Try to resist the alcohol and fizzy drinks, as they dehydrate you and leave you feeling worse for wear! Stick with water – it is your lifesaver.

Feeling Fresh and Clean

Flying takes a toll on everyone’s freshness, but do yourself, and those around you, a favour by having travel-sized products that will freshen you up before and after your flight.

I suggest Colgate Wisps for your teeth and a facial cleansing wipe for your face. A travel-sized deodorant and breath mints are other easy steps to helping you feel fresh and clean before during and after your flight.

Helpful  Tip – On some long-haul flights, near the end of your flight, the stewardess’ may hand out warm flannels which are great for refreshing your face!

Sleep Tight

Sleeping on plane
Sleeping on long haul flight – Emirates give you a pillow and blanket!

Helpful Tip: Chances are you’re also time traveling as you’re in the air so, as soon as you board, set your clocks to the local time in your destination and rest as if you were already there. It may mean that you don’t sleep on your flight or you’ll need to wake yourself up after a few short hours of rest.

Getting rest during your flight is important and, while it can be challenging, it’s totally doable. I am the first to say that I can hardly ever sleep on a flight! Come prepared by bringing your own travel neck pillow, an eye mask to block out the light and last but not least- earplugs for the crying baby!

Food on a Long-Haul Flight

Emirates food on flight
Our food on an Emirates flight

Pack a snack! You WILL get hungry on long flights so having a handy stack and drink of water not only cures hunger but also gives you something to do.

I suggest a protein bar of some kind or a bag of popcorn that is easy to pack, easy to eat and easy to dispose of. If you want to keep your neighbors as allies, don’t pack anything with a strong smell.

Helpful Tip: I recommend bringing your own food as the food onboard can be hit or miss. If you do plan to eat onboard and have any type of food allergy or preference, be sure to make note of it online when booking your ticket. The airlines plan their meals in advance so you don’t want to end up with a “chicken” or “beef” option as a vegetarian.

Entertainment on Flights

Picture of emirates plane inside
TV shows and movies to watch on the screen, as well as flight info.

Some airlines have personal entertainment systems with free movies and music available on long-haul flights. But, don’t assume and come unprepared. The last thing you want is to be stuck staring at the back of a seat and tray table for hours on end. Come prepared with a iPad, phone, headphones, book and magazine… anything that can help pass the time! I even bring a puzzle book on my holiday!

Our journey to the Maldives on the screen

Wake Up

Getting off that plane to your long-anticipated destination is exciting and, of course, you will want to look your best. Go to the bathroom about an hour before landing to freshen up your mouth and face and put on a little mascara, moisturiser and lip balm to send you off feeling fresh and confident!

Helpful Tip – Don’t wait until the last minute otherwise you may end up dealing with a long-line or a “fasten your seatbelt” sign.

Well, there it is guys, my survival list for surviving a long haul flight! I hope it is helpful for you all and that your next trip is super relaxed and easy!! Why not start looking now for cheap flights for your next vacation?! Click here to compare flight prices with Skyscanner. Any comments or questions, feel free to hit me up! 🙂

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