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Why I love Christmas!

Right guys… there is no doubt at all that Christmas is MY most favourite time of the year (after summer of course haha). As Christmas is approaching in about 5 weeks time… I thought I would write a post about why I love Christmas.

Rudolph and Fiona

Christmas has a real meaning

The first reason why I love Christmas isn’t about the decorating or the gift giving, it’s about the real meaning of Christmas. It is so easy to forget the real meaning of Christmas with all the festivities and fun, however, Christmas has a real meaning and the real meaning of the Christmas holiday is about celebrating and honouring the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus.

The Decorations

I love all the sparkly lights and cute decorations which you can fill your home with.

Christmas Tree

Everything is so colorful and jolly. All the stores have bright lights and sparkly decorations. Homes have Christmas trees glistening through the window with bright lights and snowflakes and ice sickles coming from the rooftop. 

Christmas baubles

I always put up my Christmas tree in the middle of December, however this year I am totally putting it up in the next few weeks! I don’t care if people say it’s too early – I am still going to go for it hahahah! I cannot resist any longer – especially when you guys see my baubles (some of you may have seen from my Insta stories). Yes… they are leopard print!!!! heheheh! Now that is why I love Christmas hehe! Check out some other gorgeous baubles I bought here.


Fiona in the snow

Yes, another reasons i Love Christmas, is because I LOVE Snow!!!! There is nothing better than putting on your wellies and crunching in fresh, white snow! Living in the UK, always means were unsure if we will have snow or not… so who knows if we will get some this year?!

Christmas Movies and Music

I enjoy cuddling up on the sofa with tons of blankets and watching a good Christmas movie. My favourite is ‘The Holiday’ as well as ‘A Christmas Card’.

I also love all of the Christmas music, the carols, the songs, the heartfelt and the silly. My all time favourite song is “Christmas Lights’ By Coldplay.

Buying a Christmas Tree

This is one of my most favourite things about Christmas. Finding the perfect Christmas tree is the best. I love wrapping up warm and going out with my family to search long and hard for that perfect tree. I love choosing it and then trying to fit it in the car to bring home haha! Then you get to put it up and the whole house smells of the tree. You get to decorate the tree and watch it come alive!



Another reason that I love Christmas, is that I love shopping for gifts for my family and friends. I honestly love giving. It makes me smile so much and I just get so happy when I see someone open a present which I bought for them! Wondering what to buy your family or friends this year? Check out a few of my favourite amazon beauty finds.



There is something about putting together a gift. Wrapping it up and putting a pretty bow on top is so pleasing. Then to put it under the tree makes it even more beautiful. Check out some of my wrapping paper which I bought for this year here.


The Food

However, we cannot forget… the FOOD. It’s the one time of the year when any word of diet gets thrown out of the window and I eat whatever I like haha. Because honestly… who can resist Christmas dinner?? Pigs in blankets… stuffing… cranberry sauce… cauliflower cheese… YUM. I love it all!! And not to mention- the desserts!!

Christmas food

Hot Chocolate

Who else loves a good hot chocolate? This is like genuinely the only time I have hot chocolate haha – even though I am a massive fan! I just love curling up on the sofa with a blanket along with a movie and my hot chocolate- nothing beats that!

Hot chocolate

Spending time with Family

Games in front of the Christmas Tree

But, mostly, I love the time spent with my friends and family. I am going home to my family’s for Christmas in England and I love every minute of it! My brother is there along with my Mum and Dad and other relatives and that is all I want for Christmas.

Candle for Christmas

So there you have it friends… some of my favourite things about Christmas. Now tell me what is your favourite thing about Christmas?

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