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Self-care Saturday

As you guys may have heard, I recently joined with Rituals to promote some of their lovely products and last week, they kindly gifted me with the new Hamman candle. This candle is so perfect if you need a self-care Saturday like I am having today. At the beginning of 2020, I promised myself that the year was going to be all about self-care. Life can be so busy filled with all our hectic schedules that we often forget to take a break and care for ourselves!

rituals candle

If you guys know me then you know that one of my favourite things are candles! I am legit obsessed with them. So there was no surprise how happy I was when this Rituals candle got delivered by the postman! What is even better is that this candle burns for up to 50 hours! How amazing is that! This new Rituals candle has been my go to for the perfect day or evening of relaxation.

rituals candle

Transform your home into a real Hammam with this luxurious scented candle. It is Based on the authentic Turkish steam bath scents of rosemary and eucalyptus and honestly it smells divine! I left the candle burning for one minute while I left the room and re-entered with the room being filled with the amazing smell of the rosemary and eucalyptus! It was divine!! And what makes it all better is that even the packaging is so cute and lovely!

So Feel the warmth of your own personal wellness ceremony and purify mind, body & soul with this new Rituals Hamman candle… I promise you won’t regret buying it. Shop it here.

rituals candle

If you guys are looking for the perfect mothers day gift or have someone’s birthday in mind or even just want a self-care Saturday to yourself, then take a look at some of these lovely home and body cosmetics which are made for mums/friends and relatives! They make the perfect present… what more could you want! Click here to shop at Rituals for the perfect gift.

Want to see some more self-care skincare products which I love? Then check out this Beloved Beauty honey cleanse face mask… if you like the candle, then you sure will love this too!


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