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New Year… Same Me.

And just like that, it’s January 7th and the year 2020 is here! Happy New Year! Does anyone else think this year has gone really quick?!

Over the years, I’ve really come to appreciate the fresh start that January offers us. While i would still probably say that January is my least favourite month of them all, even though it is my birthday month hehe (it’s cold, the Christmas decorations come down, it seems to be constantly dark), one thing I do love about January is the opportunity to take time at the beginning of the month to reflect on all my blessings, the things that happened the previous year- the good, the bad, and find a focus for the next coming year.

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The last decade has taught me more than I could ever have imagined. In many ways, it was painfully hard at times, with more learning curves and growing and soul searching than I bargained for. But it’s undoubtedly the one i’ll always look back on with so many fond memories because it’s the decade where I grew up, from a child to a young adult. It is the decade where I met the love of my life, got married, left home for the first time and moved away from England to set up my first home in Northern Ireland. It’s the decade where at times I felt so alone, yet other times I had the bestest friends I could ever ask for. The decade where I graduated from University. Where my own marriage deepened and thrived as we grew in love and laughter and friendship. Where we learned to settle and build the life we want to live together, as unconventional as it might be at times. We traveled to some very special places, such as Thailand, Dubai, the Maldives, and lots lots more. Towards the end of this year, I unfortunately got diagnosed with Glandular Fever. This was difficult as I had to stop working and step back from a lot of things. It was hard and I certainly am not over it just yet, but one thing I keep reminding myself over and over again is that… God is good and God’s got this. I am actually going to make a blog post about this next week. This year we also scaled back a lot, learning what works for us and what doesn’t, and while we have had many down and uncertain moments, we are left certain that we have a Saviour who loves us and has a plan for each and everyone of us, even when it seems he is silent.

A look back at 2019…

With all this looking back at the last year and even decade, my mind started wandering towards what this new decade might look like. At times I am so uncertain what even this year holds, never mind a decade, and this worries me so much. I don’t know what my career will look like, I don’t know whether my health will improve or just stay the same, I don’t know where we will be living in the next few years, whether we will have children or not. I don’t know actually at all what our future holds. It all seems so uncertain and scary. But one thing I do know is the peace and assurance that knowing God can give you. That is what keeps me going, in every trial and uncertainty. I can’t even begin to tell you the comfort I have had from knowing him and having him in my life.

So yeh although thinking about the next year boggles my brain and is just too much for me to process right now. i am certain there will be much more smiles, happiness, growth, tears, and unexpected trials as these next 10 years come and go, but if the last decade taught me anything, it taught me that no matter what people think of you, be yourself, put God first in your lives, be brave, kind, and for goodness sake just smile a little.

For now, looking at this coming year is what i’m working to do, I’m planning my 2020 and it is exciting – we may even be getting a puppy soon – a cockapoo, EEEK its exciting!!! We also want to travel more and see new places and visit new destinations, we want to grow closer to God and serve him more. So right now, I am setting my intentions and direction for the next 12 months to best serve God, my people, my community, and my own body and health as best I can.

I want to wish each of you a very happy new year! May you find the purpose and intentions within you this month to create a meaningful (and so very magical) year ahead. I love you lots x

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