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5 Life changing habits you can start TODAY:

Guys… As lots of you are off work and working from home with lots more spare time on your hands, I thought I would fill you all with some positivity by showing you 5 simple ways you can change your life habits for the better. Don’t we all want to be a better version of ‘ourselves’ and spread some positivity around when the things going on in the world are just so uncertain and frankly quite scary! It is is easy to be filled with anxious thoughts and questions. Therefore, I want to help fill you all with a bit of positivity in all the uncertainty of today.

All of which you can start TODAY! What more could you want. So if youre self-isolating at home and don’t know what you are going to do with your day, then look no further than here. Here are 5 simple life-changing habits that will make you feel better everyday.

1. Develop a good morning routine -A quality morning routine is make or break to whether or not you are successful. The first step is always the hardest… I know. So… while you guys maybe find yourselves having to work from home or even not work at all.. I would encourage you, as I have been doing myself (and believe me… it makes you feelllllll so much better), get up early.. Make yourself a coffee, get dressed, get ready for the day, and I promise you… you will feel way better about yourself and the day ahead. I set my alarm for 6:30am (well… actually the dog is my alarm clock these days hahah) and I find myself achieving way more of my goals from being so productive and having more time on my hands! I want you to know that I understand that this is not easy, and this is not always possible for everyone (believe me… I had over 6 months where I struggled with chronic fatigue and glandular fever, and found it nearly impossible to even get out of bed, some days I couldn’t), and I still have to pace myself today otherwise I crash! But believe that it is possible and believe that what is most important, is always worth the effort… and guess what (getting up early soon doesn’t feel like a chore once it is a regular thing) Stop missing good opportunities!!!

2. To-do list – make yourself a to-do list while eating breakfast or having your morning coffee. This will boost your motivation.

3. Diet – This is SO important. How sluggish do we often feel when we binge eat that galaxy bar or the entire packet of digestives?! I have to admit… I am so very often guilty of this hahaha! However, a healthy diet can change the way our brain and body works. Some nutrients even help your memory. Maybe its time you kick-start your day with a nice green tea? Healthy diets also have many other benefits such as helping with depression, weight loss, and a better concentration and mentality etc.

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4. Develop healthy habits – You will be most successful when you feel motivated, happy and good about your own self. One way to do this is to get active for at least 3 times a week. Whether you prefer jogging outside, a brisk walk with the dog, going to your local Zumba class, or doing your favourite HIIT workout. Get that heart pumping and the blood flowing as many days as you can! And don’t forget to drink LOTS and lots of water – this is SO good for you. Ditch the coke, and instead go for a refreshing drink of water with lemon instead- I promise it makes you feel way better! Guys… As lots of you are off work and working from home with lots more spare time on your hands, I thought I would fill you all with some positivity by showing you 5 simple ways you can change your life habits for the better.

5. Take time to recharge – Life is often go go go, so this will probably be your favourite part of this blog. After a successful day, why not run yourself a bath with your favourite bubble bath in, take a deep breath and just RELAX. There is honestly nothing better than this. It is legit my fav thing to do on an evening and I do it every night!!! So go on.., make yourself a nice hot bath, watch a movie, make time your friends, read a book and just do YOU. Do whatever makes you happy and relaxed.

These are just a few of the habits which I have tried to do which have helped to make me feel better about myself and make my day more effective. Live your life as best you can while adopting new habits… believe me you won’t regret it. Enjoyed this… go check out my self-care post for that perfect night of relaxation!

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