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4 steps that NEED to be in your daily skincare routine.

As I have told you guys before… if you’d have mentioned ‘skincare routine’ to me a a year ago… i’d have looked at you blankly and said… huh? A year ago… I never even had a skincare routine! It is only in the past year that I have decided to give my skin a bit of love and care and treat it the right way.

Wouldn’t you girl agree with me that us women have so much more to think about when It comes to getting ready?! To look and feel good? Maybe its just me, but on average it seems to always take me forever to get ready, especially if I have to wash my hair, and I always end up rushing around in order to get ready for work on time. I know a few guys who jump in the shower and BOOM they’re ready! They have it so easy hahaha!

Now it can be all well and good getting ready and putting your makeup on and doing your hair… but how does your skin feel clogged up all day, struggling to breathe as it is smothered in makeup all day long. It’s so important to remember that our skin needs lots of TLC. Nowadays, I honestly cannot go to bed without doing my skincare routine- gone are the days it never even existed!

Unfortunately, I never got on well with my skin. I was the kid that yeh… constantly had acne and breakouts, and I mean constantly. Even now, I struggle with breakouts (especially in winter!) I find that sun helps my skin sooo much… anyone else with me on that? Also… my face is literally full of freckles… its the one thing I’ve always felt self-conscious about, but you know what… you just have to embrace it! So in order to keep my breakouts at bay and my skin looking fresh, here are a few VITAL things that I do:

Skincare routine

Removing makeup

Anyone else out there who cannot stand them cheap makeup wipes? Well I can’t… I find that they don’t even take hardly any of my makeup actually off. So my go to wipes are the ‘Simple’ facial ones. I love these and they are so refreshing. They remove all of my makeup in one wipe! Couldn’t be easier.

Perfect for removing your makeup easily

However recently, I have started to use the Garnier ‘Micellar’ water. I hadn’t tried it until my friend let me try hers and from then on, I fell in love with it! Micellar water is honestly incredible and very affordable. I use this along with cotton pads to remove all of my makeup and honestly, It is so easy and so refreshing. It gets right into your pores getting rid of that sticky-makeup that doesn’t want to budge. And then after… it leaves my skin feeling super soft and shiny. I physically cannot step foot in bed until I have removed my makeup. Even if I have had a makeup free day, I still love to use my micellar water to clean my skin, so I can get into bed fresh faced.

Leaves your skin super shiny and soft


This is a relatively new thing I have discovered! I have started using the ‘Dove Body Scrub’ as well as using the ‘Body Shop’ Dry Brush. Ah-Maz-Ing! Every Sunday night is my self-care evening. I take a long shower and exfoliate all of my skin, even my arms, legs etc. But oh wow… exfoliation is incredible! It leaves my skin feeling SUPER soft. If you don’t do this… I recommend you honestly give it a try. It gets rid of all of those dead skin cells and leaves your skin so soft and super glowy. You also smell amazing afterwards. I literally scrub my body first and wash it off and then after my shower, I use the dry brush and use It all over my body in circular motions – this helps smooth your skin out and helps with cellulite!

Exfoliates the skin and gets rid of dead skin cells

Perfect for getting rid of that cellulite!

TIP – exfoliate before you go on holiday as it stops your tan from peeling and makes your tan last so much longer!

Skincare routine


For as long as I can remember, I always use the same moisturiser for my face. I love it! It works for me and my skin. It is Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Magic Cream’. Now it is a little bit pricey but oh my is it worth it. It floods your complexion with moisture and transforms the appearance of tired, dull skin for a glowing, dewy, plumper-looking canvas! It’s honestly my go-to moisturiser.

When I have had a day in the sun… I always use after sun on my body and use Boots own make! It spreads so easily and lasts for up to 12 hours. It leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and smells amazing. I use this all over my body and it soaks in so well.

Eye Cream

Forget EVERYTHING you thought you knew about eye cream! I never used to apply eye cream… whatsoever. To be honest… I thought it was for old people hahah. But I was wrong and it has now turned into one of my fav skincare products!

I use the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Magic Eye Rescue’ cream. This cream revitalises, reinvigorates and helps reduces the appearance of dark circles and fine lines for a hydrated, brighter and youthful-looking eye area! I apply it morning, after my moisturiser but before applying my makeup. It is such a simple but powerful product. The supercharged formula smooths, plumps and locks in moisture to restore your skin’s softness.

So there you have it girls, I hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know what skincare routine tips/products you live by! If you enjoyed this, check out my self-care Saturday blog post!

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