My Favourite things!!

We all have our own, most enjoyable moments in life.

Most of them are the little things in life that aren’t a big deal at all, but at the time make you feel amazing. SO I thought I would do a wee blog post on a list of my top things which make me sooo happy – basically 20 of life’s little satisfactions!!! They may be tiny things, but in life it is often the little things which make you the happiest. So read below for my list of 20 of life’s little satisfactions!

Here are my top 20 satisfactions in life:

1. Getting into bed after a really long day or when you have been travelling.

2. Fresh bed sheets.

3. Waking up and realising you have HOURS left to sleep.

4. When you see your food coming when in a restaurant!

At my happiest when I see the food arriving!

5. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside!

6. Getting in a lovely, hot bubble bath after a stressful, long day.

7. Going home to your Mum and Dad’s house once you’ve moved away.

8. That first cup of coffee you have in the morning.

I am always happy when I have my first cup of coffee!

9. Sitting down on an evening in front of the TV and just CHILLING!

10. Putting on clean clothes after they have just been washed.

11. That moment when you have just finished a workout and are walking out the gym – bye bye!!!

12. When someone compliments you.

13. Having someone recognise your efforts and rewarding you for it

14. Popping bubble wrap – yes there is something good about it hahah!

15. That silky smooth freshly shaved feeling!

16. The feeling you get when you’re going on holiday!

17. Having no work the next day – yippeeeeee!

18. When you get your makeup done by someone else- I love this! It means I can sit back and relax hahaha! (If you haven’t already, see what’s in my make up bag.

Make up
Getting your make up done by someone is such a treat for me.

19. Finally finishing a job that has taken hours to do

20. When you finally make it to the toilet after holding it in for AGESSSS.

So there we go guys, that is my list of 20 of life’s little satisfactions!! Now it’s time for you guys to share yours. What are your biggest satisfactions in life? There’s no judgement here hahaha!

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