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Must Watch Christmas Movies!

Christmas is in full swing at our house and has been for the past few weeks! Decor is up (click here for this years decor), Christmas music is playing, my favourite candles are burning, and hot chocolate is always on hand for any family and friends who turn up at our house. I love Christmas and I just cannot believe it is Christmas Day on WEDNESDAY! How fast has December gone?! So as it’s nearly Christmas, I thought I would do you all a post on my top must watch Christmas movies for this December!

Hot chocolate – movie ready!

Another thing that ALWAYS goes hand in hand with Christmas at our house is movie nights filled with our favorite Christmas movies!  And sometimes movie afternoons and on weekends – movie marathons!!  🙂  Like many of you I’m sure, we have a fun collection going of favourite Christmas movies that we pull out every December.  So this week, I thought I’d share my favourite must watch Christmas movies for you all to watch over the festive season! You can watch them all for free with an Amazon Prime trial.

1 – The Holiday

One of my most favourite must watch Christmas movies! it is a romantic one too! It isn’t Christmas without watching this! Some of the best actors in it too.

must watch Christmas movies

2 – Elf

Is it bad that I only watched this for the first time last year?!!! Will Ferrell leads this cast as a human sized Elf that leaves the North Pole in search for his dad, who is based in New York. The best scenes are when he first arrives in New York and it never will not make me laugh. It’s such an enjoyable watch for the whole family.

3 – Home Alone

This is one our must watch December movies! It never fails to make us giggle. Can’t go wrong with Kevin McCalister, although I mean, seriously?? Who forgets their kid? But besides that somewhat unbelievable plot line, it’s a good one and a classic for a reason. Home Alone is the movie I remember the most from my childhood. I would even search the TV guide magazine weeks before Christmas to see when it was going to be on. It’s not Christmas without watching Home Alone.

4 – Home Alone 2

Almost as good as the first one. I just love the christmassy feel in New York which this movie gives!

5 – Love Actually

Warms the heart, this one. 🙂 I have to admit, I wasn’t always into this film, but just recently I gave it another chance. It’s definitely one to enjoy with your other half on the sofa. The best part about this film is that there are so many famous actors in it which makes it super fun and totally hilarious!

6 – A Muppet Christmas Carol 

I feel like this one doesn’t get as much love as it deserves. The music is so good and it’s just such a classic and sweet story. The Muppets are hilarious too.

7 – It’s a Wonderful Life 

Another absolute classic and must-see. If you haven’t seen this one, you NEED to make it a priority this Christmas. It’ll get you, real good. I cannot watch it without crying, and I’ve seen it a million times. I have to have the tissues at the ready!!

8 – The Christmas Card

Yes a channel 5 movie hahah! Christmas wouldn’t be here without watching at least a few channel 5 Christmas movies! This is by far my most favourite as it is so christmassy and has a good romantic feel to it. 🙂

Well everyone, there you have it – a few of my favourite Christmas time movies. So, if you need me, I’ll be cuddled up with my family and friends watching movies and eating all of the popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. Happy Christmas, friends!! Do you have Amazon Prime?

I wanna know… what are your favourite Christmas movies?? xoxo

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