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Deck The Halls – My Christmas Decorations 2019

Blush pinks, rose golds, and a touch of champagne gold – all add up to make my theme for my 2019 Christmas Decorations!

As you know… I love to decorate my house and make it look cosy and pretty, so this year was no excuse! I had ideas in my head with what I wanted to do and these all came from either looking at Pinterest or Instagram.

So I thought I would let you in and show you a few of my favourite Christmas decorations this year which I have placed around the house! I have to admit, I am pretty excited to show you! Some of the decor is made from scratch – by myself (yes – I can be creative!) and others are purchased from different stores and shops which I will tell you about as we go along!

The Christmas Tree

Christmas tree
Our Christmas Tree

This year was the first year we decided to go for a REAL tree. And boy… am I glad we did! I love real trees!! Nothing can beat the smell of a fresh real tree along with how amazing they look when decorated. We got our tree from a place near our home called NI Farm Forestry. It is just outside of Dundonald, about 20 minutes from Belfast. The tree we went for this year was actually a different style from what I thought we were originally going to go for. Normally I like to get the Nordman Fir however this year we went for a brand new type called the Cannan Fir.

The Cannan Fir is brand new to Ireland and NI Farm Forestry is one of the only exclusive places that sells these trees! So yep… we have a unique tree! Honestly… I can honestly say that this is the best tree I have ever had! So firstly… it doesn’t drop its needles. It has amazing needle retention. Secondly, it has a lovely fragrance and each time you walk into the room… it smells lush! Thirdly… It has strong branches which makes hanging your christmas decorations easy! Fourthly… this tree is a gorgeous rich green colour. So there you have it.. It couldn’t get any better than that and whats more… it is a perfect Christmas tree shape. NI Farm Forestry have different priced trees – all very reasonable. Their prices start from £20.

Our baubles this year were on a Gold colour theme featuring gold, rose gold, silver and champagne gold. As you know me… I love animal print so I had to purchase some animal print baubles! My mum found me the most amazing ones from Marks and Spencer for £4 each. They are big baubles so are perfect for a big sized tree and hang so easily as they have a thick black ribbon.

Animal Print Bauble

I then got a pack of 50 gold baubles from Next for £10; these feature different sized coloured baubles within the pack and all come with gold thread. Now these weren’t as easy to hang as the thread is smaller so it was a wee bit more tricky, but they are lovely once they are up!

Next Baubles

Lastly, I also got some baubles from TK Max, which are a range of three different gold/silver baubles with a marble effect which makes them look amazing! These honestly were so lovely and really easy to hang as they have a large clear ribbon. These were £7 for a pack of 12. Oh… and I can’t forget the rose gold star at the top of our tree. This was from Amazon and is amazing! Such a cute size and fits perfectly on the top of our tree.

Our Wreath

This year, we decided to buy a wreath for the front of our door. It is the best decision I have ever made! Our wreath was from a friend who has her own floral business called Blossom and Twine in Northern Ireland. It cost us £30 and we went for a lovely rustic design! There was other designs to choose from. Our wreath is full of pine cones, eucalyptus, baubles, thistles, berries and other gorgeous fancy flowers!

Garland for the Stairs

Garland from the Range

This years garland was purchased from the Range and cost £21.99 for a 2.4 metre length. We bought two as we had a voucher and two decorated the entire length of our banister completely! If you wanted to purchase one though, it would look lovely on your windowsill or mantelpiece too. This garland comes pre-lit and is decorated with fir-cones, cream poinsettia and cute baubles and berries. If you are wanting to keep the price down you can always have a try at making your own garland! I did this last year and bought a cheap plain garland from IKEA and put my own lights around it and then added baubles to it. It actually turned out really good! I just wanted to try something different this year hehe!

Homemade Pinecone Vases

Pinecone vase
Pinecone Vase

This year I had a go at making a few things myself and actually really enjoyed it. Normally I am not one bit creative but I was inspired by Pinterest so gave some things a go. One of the things I enjoyed making was rustic Pinecone vases. I got a cheap vase from Amazonclick here. I then filled it with 100 LED fairy lights, and then finished it off with pine cones and potpourri. Not only does it look cute but it smells divine too!

Simple Bauble Vases


Another simple idea which everyone can have a go at (you don’t need to be creative) is bauble vases! I simply got a vase – you can shop one here and then I filled it with left over baubles that I wasn’t using on the Christmas tree! Such a simple but unique idea.

Chandelier Baubles

Again… if you have spare baubles, use them to hang on your chandelier lights. I found this idea on Pinterest and couldn’t resist giving it a go! It looks super cute and everyone complements it when they walk in the living room! P.S… another cute idea is to hang baubles off your radiator and any door knobs! I love doing this and it looks cute.

Bauble chandelier
Hang baubles on the chandelier

Festive console Table

Console Table decorated for Christmas
Console Table decorated for Christmas

Each year I use my hallway console table and turn it into a cute wee festive Christmas table with lots of Christmas decorations!

Noel sign from the range.

This year I bought a lot of things from the range such as this Noel Snow sign (£4) as well as the heart and berry tea light holders (£1.50). I also placed one of my homemade pinecone vases on here too which added some light as well as a light up reindeer from Amazon! It is so cute.

Amazon Light up Scene

And to finish… I make sure I add lots of festive smelling candles in the mix. This makes your house smell Christmassy and festive and immediately makes your room feel so much cosier. This year a few of my favourite candles are: Maple, praline and caramel which was from TK Max for £5.99, Christmas Spice from Sainsbury’s for £3.75 (its in the sale!) as well as spiced Mercury from the Range £3.59).

Spiced Mercury Candle from the Range

I hope you enjoyed seeing my 2019 Christmas decorations and feel free to ask me any questions you have or if you want to know anymore! I’d be more than happy to help you out guys 🙂 Wanna see my 2019 gift guides? Check some of them out here!

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