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Top Amazon buys – Puppy Accessories

This week I thought I would show you a few of the must haves for owning a wee pup. We got all of our puppy accessories and products from Amazon as it is so cheap and very good quality! So I will talk you through what we bought for our Wee Teddy and show you all of the accessories.


Teddy’s bed – we put it in the crate with a blanket in too.

A bed is one of the most important things which you will need to buy for your puppy. The bed is where you puppy will sleep in and your pup needs to be cosy – and believe me – puppies sleep A LOT! We got our bed from amazon and it is amazing! It has been through a lot- chewing, scratching and the washing machine and it is still like new! And not to mention- it is a lovely colour and goes so well in the kitchen.

Super cosy for the pup!

TIP- make sure you get a bed which is able to go in the washing machine as you will have to wash it frequently!


We decided to do Crate training – this is Teddy’s safe place !

Dogs love a safe place and crate training is an ideal way to teach your puppy that he has a safe place to go to if he is scared, or if he is tired. Believe me- it isn’t easy and it will take a good lot of determination, will and lots of training to get your puppy used to his crate and sleeping area. To begin with our puppy whined all night when we put him in his crate in the kitchen- he kept us up ALL night for a couple of nights! He did not like it one bit. He whined, cried, growled, shredded his blanket and ripped his bed. However after five nights in he goes in there no problem and only whines for a minute and then stops! We introduced him to going into his crate during the day in small amounts of time to get him used to it- for about 20 minutes at a time. This allowed him to gradually get used to it. At night to begin with we put an old top which had our smell on it in with him to keep him company, as well as a hot water bottle and a clock beside him (this is like him hearing a heartbeat) which helps to settle a pup. Remember, they have just left their mums and brothers and sisters and come to a total strange new place which is daunting so they need a bit of love and reassurance!

We also put him in his crate if he is naughty and he soon learns that what he did wasn’t acceptable!

Great for crate training a puppy

Tip- one thing I would say if you are going to crate train your puppy is – do not give IN. Even if your puppy is whining, do not give in to him as this will just teach him that whenever he whines and barks that he will get his way and you will come to the rescue. Even though it’s hard and you will have sleepless nights – it is worth it in the end. Also- buy some earplugs! They are your best friend to begin with when you bring your pup home!

Teddy asleep in his crate.

Vanish carpet

One thing I would advise all you carpet owners – MAKE SURE you have vanish on hand as you will need it in the first few weeks and months of owning your pup! Wee puppies aren’t toilet trained at this young age and they can’t help having the odd wee accident. If you don’t want this happening on your carpet then I advise you to keep your puppy in the kitchen or in a tiled area until they are fully toilet trained. However one cleaning product which I highly recommend is Vanish carpet spray– this has been a lifesaver! All you need to do is blot the area of the accident with kitchen roll and then spray the vanish spray and leave for 5 minutes! And then hey ho you have a perfect smelling carpet again.

Fab for cleaning up accidents!

Tip- always make sure to fully clean any accident as dogs use their scent and smell to find where they did accidents before and like to use the same area. So make sure you clean the area FULLY!


Blanket so the pup is comfy!

Blankets are great as they make your puppy super cosy and help when settling in your wee pup. We put it on top of the bed so it keeps the bed fresher for longer and also the blankets are easier to wash so it works well!

Great for making pup cosy

TIP- We didn’t get anything fancy – just the cheapest blanket we could find as your puppy may bite and chew on it. Our blanket is already holey hahah! He loves to chew on it!!

Kong toys

Kong- Teddy’s teddy! He also squeaks haha.

I highly recommend getting Kong toys are they are super strong and durable for all them strong teeth which your puppies will be using on them hahaha!

Kong toys are so strong that they won’t be falling apart like the cheap ones do! This can be dangerous for your pup if he swallows something he shouldn’t!

Super chewable!

Kong tennis ball

Make sure you have some toys for your puppy to play with. This will make sure they don’t get bored and will provide an aspect of enjoyment for them! Dogs love a good old play.

Great for chewing


Teddy’s treat

Treats are a great way to help train your puppies and reward them. What dog doesn’t love a wee treat?!

You can also get chew treats which keep your puppy occupied for a good amount of time! Make sure to not feed them treats constantly as this isn’t good for them and they will gain weight fast!

Yummy for puppies!

Chew toys

Teddy’s tug of war toy

Chew toys are great as they keep your puppy occupied and are valuable when training your pup not to play bite as you can distract them with their favourite chew toy. Dogs love a good tug of war with you too so get them a long rope which they can do that with!

Great for tug of war with your pup!

Great for teething pups!


Teddy’s collar has a bow on it! Super cute

It is so important to get your puppy a collar fitted as early as possible. This allows him to get used to it as well as allowing you to clip a lead on so you can take your pup for a walk when he has had his second injections!

It also is good for adding an ID tag on so that If you lose your pup- someone can contact you!

Who can resist the cute bow?!

Rose gold as well!

Food and water bowl

Food and water is essential for a puppy so make sure you invest in a good food and water bowl. We decided to go for one which had a silicone mat. This means that the bowl is non slip so your puppy can’t slide it all over the place- which some pups love to do! It stays in place and is super easy to clean! I definitely recommend it. They come in all different colours so you can match it to your kitchen! We got cream as that complimented our kitchen and it is brilliant!

Great for feeding time

Well that’s all for today guys, I will let you know of more puppy accessories and products as Wee Teddy gets them! No doubt there will be lots more to come through the years! If you enjoyed this post, check out how we got on bringing Wee Teddy home here!

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