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Our wee Teddy… the newest edition to our family.

Well guys… just over two weeks ago we welcomed the newest member into our family… wee Teddy! Can you guess what it is… a pup!!! For a while we have been thinking about getting a dog, however we kept putting it off as it just wasn’t the right time. Either, we were both really busy with work, or going on holiday sometime soon, or some other reason just kept making us put it off. However, as 2020 approached and I had been off work due to having glandular fever (have a read of my blog post on this), we realised that now was the perfect time as I would be able to spend time with the puppy and be around for it during the day while it was so young. So it was now or never really. However, we didn’t exactly plan to get the first puppy we saw right then and there… it sort of just happened haha!

Fiona and Teddy

I always knew what breed we wanted if we ever did get a dog and it was a cockapoo that was a start! I have always wanted a cockapoo as they are so cute and cuddly! They are literally like a teddy bear! Jonah and I had made sure we did a lot of research into this breed e.g. what their temperaments are like, hair types, colours, size etc. We spent a lotttttt of hours doing this!! Once I felt we had done all of our research, the next thing was to actually find a reputable breeder! This was harder than we thought. A lot of people recommended getting a rehoming dog instead of a puppy, however we decided to go for a puppy. You have to be really careful when buying a puppy as there are a lot of puppy farms out there – especially in Northern Ireland/Ireland! We avoided gumtree as we knew a lot of puppies were advertised on there which were from puppy farms. I am a member of a Facebook group for cockapoo owners and that is how I came across the breeder for our wee pup!

Teddy loving his cuddles
Teddy loving his cuddles

So a few days later, we were on our way to view some puppies! We traveled about an hour and half to see them (… yeh… we wanted the perfect pup!). When we got there, we knew immediately that we had found a good breeder. The mum of the puppies was there with the puppies, so that was a good sign as we got to see her and make sure she was healthy. The owners were also so friendly and couldn’t do more for us – they made us a coffee, they didn’t rush us once and even gave us some food and puppy pads to go home with. We also made sure the puppies had had their first vaccinations, been microchipped and had been wormed etc – (make sure you get their vaccination card). So we knew we had found a good breeder. So what next?

We went to see the puppies and they were SOOOO cute! We were the first people who had got in touch and visited so we got first choice of the puppies (this was so exciting for us!!) Each time we had got in contact with someone, there was only one or two pups left. So we were super happy that we got first pic! Which is sort of why we bought our pup there and then (without any dog accessories even!) There was seven wee puppies all playing and being super cute; 2 boys and 5 girls. We knew we wanted a boy as we loved the name Teddy. So basically it wasn’t a hard choice as wee Teddy came straight to us and was so well behaved and cute that we couldn’t resist him!! The decision was MADE! I have to say… Teddy had cute bros and sis’s too.

When Teddy came straight to us!
When Teddy came straight to us!

So then and there we picked our puppy and brought him home that night! It was so unexpected; we hadn’t even bought a crate or dog bed or anything in fact hahahah! But Teddy was so good and sat on my knee the whole way home and slept – what a good wee pup. We put him in the kitchen the first night and went and bought dog items and accessories the next day!! Exciting times!

First night at home
Teddy’s first hour at home

Anyway, that’s it for now guys. I will write a blog post on all of the dog accessories and items which we have bought for our wee Teddy so that you guys can see them for yourself… so keep your eyes peeled for that upcoming post which will be sometime soon. In the meantime you can follow wee Teddy on Instagram here. But for now… I have to go and let Teddy out to play, so bye bye. 🙂 x

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